State Key Laboratory of Oral Disease

  The history of the State Key Laboratory of Oral Disease, Sichuan University (SKLOD) could be traced to 1936, when the first research department of stomatology in China was established in West China Union University. The lab was later approved as the first key laboratory of stomatology by the Ministry of Public Health in 1989, and then approved as the key laboratory of the Sichuan Province and Ministry of Education in 2002. In 2007, the lab was further developed to be the first state key lab in oral science in China and named as the State Key Laboratory of Oral Disease by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The SKLOD is well recognized as an important academic research and training base for researchers and postgraduate students nationwide.

  The laboratory is aimed to investigate mechanisms and treatment approaches of oral diseases. The long-term objective of the SKLOD is to establish the best international laboratories on oral diseases with excellent investigators, resources and techniques. The cutting-edge research activities in the SKLOD include four main categories: the prevention and treatment of oral infectious diseases, development of new types of dental materials and biomaterials, etiology and treatment of oral maxillofacial anomalies, and metastasis/treatment of oral cancer.

  SKLOD has committed to promote international exchange and collaboration. The SKLOD has established intensive collaborations on research and personnel with more than 30 universities and colleges worldwide. The lab has established the International Advisory Committee consisting of world-famous experts and foreign professors to guide the work in scientific research.

  The SKLOD is a state laboratory committed to opening its facilities and resources to all investigators and undergraduate students worldwide. The SKOLD warmly welcomes researchers and undergraduate students all over the world to conduct their academic research on this platform.